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My CD Collection

Well here it is--everything in my collection except my CDRs.

Ajalon-Light at the End of the Tunnel
Aldrich, Paul-Meet Paul Aldrich
Allen Parsons Project-Best of
American Gomorrah-Exchanging Truth for a Lie
Angelica-s/t, Time is all it Takes, Rock, Stock & Barrell
Anthrax-Bring the Noise EP
Argyle Park-Misguided
Armada-Hope of Glory(Anthology), Best of the Rest
Atomic Opera-For Madmen Only, Alpha and Oranges, Love & Grey(M8 release), Gospel Cola
The Awakening-Risen, Request, Etheral Menace
The Awful Truth-S/T
Balance of Power-Ten More Tales, Perfect Balance
Barren Cross-Rock for the King(re-release w/bonus trax)
Becker, Margaret-Never for Nothing
Betrayal-Leaving Nevermore
Big Wreck-s/t
Black Sabbath-Cross Purposes
The Bleed-Ouch!
Bloodgood-Rock in a Hard Place/Out of the Darkness, To Germany with Love
Blue Man Group-Audio
Blue Murder-s/t
Terry Bozzio & Billy Sheehan-Nine Short Films
Bride-Show No Mercy(M8 re-release), End of the Age(best of), Snakes in the Playground
Cash, Johnny-American IV: The Man Comes Around
Circle of Dust-Brainchild
Cold-13 Ways to Bleed on Stage
Cooper, Alice-Brutal Planet, Dragontown
Corrosion of Conformity-Deliverance
Daniel Amos/Da-Kalhoun, Darn Floor-Big Bite, Mr Beuchner's Dream
Daniel band-Run from the Darkness/Sraight Ahead
Days of the New-1st, 2nd
DeGarmo & Key-D & K
Deliverance-Stay of Excecution
Die Happy-S/T, Volume 2, Live
Disciple-Back Again
Divine InSight-Sorrow & Promise
Dokken-One Live Night, Erase The Slate
Drain STH-Horror Wrestling(re-release w/xtra trax)
Dream Theater-InstruMENTAL-The 1987 Recordings, When Dream & Day Unite(remaster), Images and Words, Live at the Marquee, Awake, Metropolis Pt.2-Scenes from a Memory
Dust Eater Dogs-Oil, KING KONG FIST EP
Electric Boys-Funk-o-Metal Carpet Ride
Eloi-Degrees of Freedom
Eva O-Ride the Madness
Fear Not-S/T
Fourth Estate-see what I see
Foxworthy, Jeff-Games Rednecks Play
Freheley, Ace-Loaded Deck(best of)
Galactic Cowboys-S/T, Space in your Face, At the End of The Day
The Eric Gales Band-Picture of a Thousand Faces
Generation-Brutal Reality
Glass Hammer-On to Evermore
Gleason, Michael-Children of Choices
Guardian-Fire & Love, Voyager+Fusion EPs on one cd, Miracle Mile
Haven-Your Dying Day, Age of Darkness, S/T
Greg Howe/Victor Wooten/Dennis Chamers-Extraction
Idle Cure-s/t+2nd Avenue
Imagine This-s/t
Impelliteri-Eye of the Hurricane/Victim of the System
Iona-Woven Cord, Open Sky
Jackyl-Cut the Crap
Jacobstone-Glass Top Ships, Regions, Chambers and Volumes
Jing Chi(Vinnie Colaiuta, Robben Ford, Jimmy Haslip)-s/t
Joshua-Intense Defense
Keaggy, Phil-Lights of Madrid
Killswitch Engage-Alive or just Breathing
King James-The Fall
Kings X-Out of the Silent Planet, Gretchen Goes To Nebraska, FaithHopeLove, S/T, Dogman, Ear Candy, Manic Moonlight, Live All Over the Place
KISS-Alive 1, Unplugged, Carnival of Souls, Boxset, Alive IV(Symphony)
KORN-Greatest Hits Vol.1
LaBrie, James-Mullmuzzer
Leviticus-I Shall Conquer
LoadPointPull-We Come to Take What's Ours
Lovewar-Soak Your Brain
MacAlpine, Tony-Maximum Security, Freedom to Fly, Premonition, Chromaticity
MacAlpine/Aldrige/Rock/Sarzo-Project: Driver
MacAuley/Scheneker Group-s/t
Mad at the World-Through the Forest
Magdallan-Big Bang, End of the Age
Magellan-Impending Ascension, Hundred Year Flood
Malachi/One-A Nation of Stars VI, A Generation of Time VII, A Road Less Traveled
Malmsteen, Yngwie-Inspiration
Mannheim Steamroller-Christmas in the Aire
Masi, Alex-Attack of the Neon Shark, Vertical Invader, The Watcher
Mastedon-Its A Jungle Out There, Laufcaudio
Megadeth-Youthanasia, Hidden Treasures, The System Has Failed
Messiah Prophet-Master of the Metal
Monster Magnet-Dopes to Infinity
Moore, Vinnie-Meltdown
Morse, Neal-Testimony
Morse, Steve-Major Impacts 2, Split Decision
Mortal-Lusis, Fathom, s/t
Motley Crue-Shout at the Devil
Mustard Seeds-s/t, Red
Mike Varney Project(Frank Gambale/Allan Holdsworth-Truth in Shredding
Narnia-Awakening, Long Live the King
Nevada Beach-Zero Day
Niacin-Live-Blood Sweat and Beers
Novella-s/t, A Liquid Earth
Onyx-Slam(multiple mix EP)
Ordained Fate-Glimmer of Hope
Palacios, Tony-Epic Tales of Whoa!
Pantera-Far Beyond Driven, Best Of
Paradise Lost-Draconian Times
Petra-Never Say Die/Washes Whiter Than, Not of this World, Unseen Power, Wake Up Call, No Doubt, Petra Means Rock(best of)
Plant, Robert-Manic Nirvana
Platypus-When Pus Comes To Shove, Ice Cycles
Poland, Chris-Return to Metalopolis
Poundhound-Massive Grooves from the Electric Church of Psychofunkadelic Grungelism Rock Music
Prayer Chain-Whirlpool EP
Precious Death-Southpaw, If You Must, s/t
Puff Daddy w/Jimmy Page-Come With Me(CD single)
Queen-1,2, Sheer Heart Attack, News of the World, Innuendo
Queensryche-s/t, The Warning, Rage for Order, Empire, Operatio:Livecrime, Promised Land, Hear in the Now Frontier, Tribe
Quiet Riot-Greatest Hits, Terrified, Down to the Bone, Alive and Well
Rackets & Drapes-Trick or Treat
Ransom-s/t, Soul Asylum
Rama w/Andy West-Rama 1
Recon-Behind Enemy Lines
Red Sea-Blood
Ressurection Band/Rez-Civil Rites, Awaiting Your Reply/Rainbow's End
Rivera/Bomma-Invisible Force
Rock, Rob-Rage of Creation
Rock Star-OST
Rudess, Jordan-Feeding the Wheel, 4NYC
Saint-Time's End/Live at Cornerstone
Savatage-Handful of Rain, Dead Winter Dead, The Wake of Magellan
Saviour Machine-s/t,Legend-Part 1 & 2, Behold a Pale Horse/New World Order(cd single)
Scheetz, Jeff-Warp Speed, Woodpecker Stomp, Dig, Pawn Shop
Sea of Dreams-Land of Flames, Dawn of Time
Second Coming-s/t
Seventy Sevens-A Golden Field of Radioactive Crows
Shadow Gallery-Carved in Stone, Legacy
Sharman, Dave-1990
Shout-It Wont Be Long, In Your Face, At the Top of Their Lungs
Sign of the Times(Jeff Scheetz band)-Disengage
Slamcat-=El Gato De La Slam
Slash's Snakepit-It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
Smash Alley Underground-Rising from the Shadows
Soldier-The Definitive Collection
Space in your Face-The True Essence of Life
Spock's Beard-The Kindness of Strangers, At the End of The Day, Snow, Feel Euphoria
Spoken-Echoes of the Spirit Still Dwell
Sponge-Rotting Pinata, Wax Estatic
Stabbing Westward-Wither, Blister, Burn & Peel
Stanley, Paul-s/t
Steelwind-Heaven's Calling
STIR-Broken Tongues
Stryper-The Yellow and Black Attack, Soldiers Under Command, In God We Trust, Against the Law, 7 Weeks:Live in America 2003
Stryken-First Strike
Sweet Comfort Band-Cutting Edge, Perfect Timing
Sweet, Michael-s/t, Real, Truth
Swirling Eddies-Sacred Cows
Tabor, Ty-Naomi's Solar Pumpkin, Moonflower Lane, Safety
Taff, Russ-Medals
Tafolla, Joey- Out of the Sun
Tamplin-An Axe to Grind, s/t, Wake The Nations
Taylor, Steve-The Truth Can Be Told(2 CD best of)
Tellus-Stand By, On The Surface
The December People-Sounds Like Christmas
Third Day-Conspiracy #5
Timescape-Two Worlds
Titanic-Maiden Voyage(both original version & M8 re-release), s/t EP
Torman Maxt-Just Talking About the far, The Foolishness of God
Totem Maples-nus eht ot pirt
Trans-Siberian Orchestra-Christmas Eve & Other Stories, The Christmas Attic, Beethoven's Last Night
Tribus-s/t, MegaShred, Manual Acrobatics, Too Late..Damage is Done, Oreology
Tritt, Travis-Greatest Hits
Trytan-Celestial Messenger(M8 re-release), Sylentiger
20/20 Blind-s/t
Twisted Sister-Big Hits & Nasty Cuts, Still Hungry
Ultimatum-Symphonic Extremities
Uplifted-Reflections & Doubts....
Vai, Steve-Passion & Warfare
Vapourspace-Sonic Residue(Magna Carta remixes)
Veni Domine-Fall Babylon Fall, Material Sanctuary
Vinnie Vincent-Euphoria EP
Visionaire-Within the Arcanum Hall
The Walter Eugenes-Beautiful
WASP-The Crimson Idol, First Blood..Last Cuts
Waterstain-Broken Mind
Westwind Ensemble-A Christmas Tribute to Mannheim Steamroller
Whitecross-Hammer and Nail, Triumphant Return
White Heart-Vital Signs, Read the Book(Dont Wait for the Movie), Emergency Broadcast, Tales of Wonder, Highlands, Redemption
Whitesnake-Greatest Hits
White Zombie-Supersexy Swingin' Sounds
The Who-Live at Leeds(remastered/extended 1cd version), Live at the Isle of Wight, Box set
Widowmaker-Blood & Bullets
Wily Gurus-c'elf tide eldie pea
Wish For Eden-Pet the Fish
WOOD-Against the Grain
Wood, Mark-Voodoo Violins
X-Sinner-Get It, Peace Treaty
Yonderboy-A Mission of Mercy
Zion-Thunder from the Mountain
Zombie, Rob-Hellbilly Deluxe
V/A-Never say Dinosaur(Petra Tribute)
V/A-Portrait of a Spirit(Pakaderm artists unplugged)
V/A-Machines in the Garden-Part 1 of the Cataclysm Singles
V/A-Rock vs. Roll-M8 Sampler
V/A-Spacewalk(Ace Frehley Tribute)
V/A-Spin The Bottle(KISS Tribute)

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