The Groove Machine
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Welcome to the Groove...Again!

Hi there! My name's Anton, otherwise known as "The Big Dawg." Welcome to my little homestead on the digital frontier.
Some of you may remember my show on KRNG 101.3 Renegade Radio, then on the radiant the whole net-wide fight over internet radio having to pay royalties on music played put us out of business several years ago, and life in all its complication kept me away from doing what i loved-kicking out the jams for you, the listener.
...the internet, that is! Ive restarted THE GROOVE MACHINE on Its on Tuesday Nights from 9pm-Midnight CST and its the same mix of prog, goth, melodic rock(since no one else will play it), and experimental music from Christian artists. Hope to see you all there!
And in case you missed it, Ill be posting the playlist on the weblog as quickly as I can.
In the meantime Ill use this website to tell ya more about the show, and ramble on about all my favorite interests.
And what are those interests, you might ask? Among them are music-mostly the loud rock, melodic/80s, some goth, metal, and others from both Christian and mainstream artists; Anime(Favorite titles-Tenchi Muyo/GXP, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop and many others)and American animation; current events, politics, religion, and how they tend to interact, just to name a few.
I still do some music trading, Ive converted all the items on my trade list to CD except for the stuff on Mini Disc(and Im working on that). Im only out to trade for a few certain things which Ill list on my bootleg page.
Im also looking for certain TV shows on DVD-stuff that hasnt yet got the offical treatment. Ill list them on the boot page too.
So, for thanks for stopping by. I promise to make this a little more interesting to read from now on!


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